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Some more nice things my pupils have said about 1st for Learning Driving School Cardiff

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I would definitely recommend Alan if you are looking for an instructor who is patient, encouraging and explains everything clearly. Alan also gave me confidence when driving so that when it came to my test I passed first time. I very much enjoyed all my lessons with him!
Emily Isobel Leach.
I was very nervous when I started learning to drive, but Alan was always very patient, encouraging and positive. Even when I had a complete disaster lesson! Lessons were very well structured and Alan helped me with my theory as well as practical so that I passed both of them first time. Thank you! I would highly recommend 1st for Learning.

Lucy Beveridge

Alan really re-assured me that I had the ability and made me confident enough to do well.

Kate Lewis
"Driving is scary for learners, there's no doubt about it. However a good driving instructor should be able to calm your nerves down and slowly ease you into it. Alan is a great instructor, we chat and laugh during the lesson and when it comes to serious stuff, he is patient and professional!! He will provide you with all the right info for taking both theory and practical test, so you will be fully prepared for them!

Bicky Ho
Thanks to 1st for learning's friendly and patient attitude towards learning to drive I was able to pass my both my written theory test and my driving test on my first attempt.

Miranda Watkins
I was a very nervous driver but Alan gave me the confidence to believe in myself which lead to me passing my test!! I am now driving around the streets of Cardiff in my new Ford Ka thanks to 1st for Learning!
Thanks for all your time and effort.

Elin Fouladi
The best thing about Alan is the confidence he puts in you. He makes you feel you will pass the test, which is a big plus on the test day. He also makes you feel relaxed about the test.

Dr Vikram Aarella
Alan was always more confident in my driving abilities than me and because of this, I sat and passed my driving test probably before I would have done if left to my own devices! So thanks to 1st for driving and Alan for his patience, encouragement and easy going nature that gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I would recommend for sure.
Christine Tse
Alan is a very patient instructor who helped me improve my driving skills every lesson as well as my confidence in driving.  He kept me calm in all lessons and was punctual every time.  Thank you Alan
Lisa Larcombe

Alan helped me a lot, he always tried to give me belief in myself and he never let me give up. Thanks, I would highly recommend 1st for Learning

Zubair Quasim

Alan was a very good instructor who was always very patient.  He explained everything concisely in a manner I understood that enabled me to pass my test with confidence.

Joanne Stova

Just want to say thanks very much to Alan! You are a fab driving instructor thanks for everything couldn't have done it with out you will definitely recommend you

Kirsty McDonald

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I am really pleased that I learned with 1st for learning.  Alan was fantastic.  My sister and her husband both passed with him.  I can’t believe I passed first time,  Alan was always patient and lessons were always fun.  I would definitely recommend Alan to my friends.

Deb Harry

Lessons with Alan were always enjoyable.  He explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand and always puts the learner first.  Thanks to Alan I was able to pass my test first time with no minors
Richard Crownin
Alan is a fantastic instructor that always has the time and patience for me. His knowledge of driving and the areas to learn in has been invaluable to my learning process and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from him. I have looked forward to every lesson and with his help passed first time!
Jon Howcroft
Alan made learning to drive a fun experience.  He was patient, friendly and always took the time to make sure that I understood what I needed to do.  I would highly recommend Alan and 1st for Learning.

David Song
My driving lessons were one of the highlights of my week. I would look forward to every one. Most of this was down to the fact that Alan was such an easy going, informative patient instructor. He gave me the confidence that I needed to pass my test 1st time! I was rather a nervous driver at the start of my lessons but this was soon to change. Alan stayed calm in every situation and gave clear instructions, giving me the enthusiasm that I needed. I would most definitely recommend 1st for Learning' to anyone who wants a guaranteed high quality and reliable service.
Hayley Rees
Alan is a wonderful instructor who made my lessons both as informative as possible and fun, ensuring that I was at ease throughout every lesson. A real professional instructor and lovely person to match which meant we also enjoyed good conversation too. I went on to pass my test first time which is only testament to his teaching abilities and techniques. After passing my test I went back to Alan to complete the Pass Plus course which was treated with just as much professionalism as any other lesson.
Sharon Nicholls
Learning to drive with Alan was a pleasure. His warm and enthusiastic personality allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed, and my initial apprehensions were soon overcome. I always felt I could ask for extra advice knowing that Alan’s response would be both understanding and informative. Many thanks Alan, I would certainly recommend 1st for Learning
Dale boorman
Alan is a fantastic driving instructor.  I looked forward to my lessons, he is patient, insightful and has brilliant communication skills.

Elise Vaughan
Alan is a great instructor.  I enjoyed learning with 1st for Learning as lessons were informative, encouraging but most of all were never boring.  Alan is very friendly and puts you at ease.  We always had a good chat and a laugh. I will miss my lessons just for that reason.  He always gave positive feedback and lessons were varied so I didn’t get bored.  I would never have done it without Alan’s encouragement.  He made me believe in myself and now I am a driver.  I could never thank him enough and would certainly recommend 1st for Learning.  He helped both me and my husband to pass.
Sarah Taylor
I put off learning to drive for years because I always thought I'd be a useless and nervous driver. I eventually had to learn due to work prospects. A friend recommended Alan, who was teaching her at the time. Alan's relaxed and easy going nature reduced my anxieties and over time I became much more confident driver and enjoyed learning!And would you believe it, I passed first time!
Thanks Alan!Charlie
Charlotte Broom
Alan is the best Instructer I have ever seen, he is so friendly and a man full of patience and calmness.I passed my test in first attempt, all thanks to Alan. when I started my lesson it looked tough, but the way Alan teaches anyone can pass, thanks a lot Alan U r the best. I will recommend all my friends to take lessons from Alan.
I would totally recommend 1st for learning to any one who wishes to take driving lessons. I was very nervous when I started, under the direction of Alan I managed to actually pass some thing that he thought I could achieve but I never thought I could. Dedicated, professional, patient I could go on about this but if you would like to know if its true try 1st for learning
Angelita Jackson
Picture of Angelita who passed her test using 1st for Learning driving instruction Cardiff
I put of learning to drive for a few years but with a push I finally decided to go ahead and start learning. Alan installed me with confidence from the outset and gave me a great belief in my own abilities and I passed my test within months.Alan is patient, relaxed, friendly and encouraging and I would highly recommend 1st for Learning.
Suzie Beazer
A Huge Thanks to ALAN He is superb I couldn't believe I gonna pass my practical driving test in first attempt. I do appreciate Alan's efforts and patience to get me to driving standards level. I do recommend Alan Lole to my friends and family for driving lessons. He know all the requirements to pass the test. Its definitely gonna make my life easy. Thanks again to Alan.